"Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it." – Vladimir Nabokov

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I absolutely love the ultrasonic diffuser! What a fabulous product. The quality far surpasses other diffusers I have purchased in the past. I 100% recommend this product. Thank you÷

Name: Kathleen Sander , UNITED STATES

I received my recent order from you guys. Was a first time customer. Thanks for shipping quickly. Verdict = Love the products! The portable inhalers are amazing and the essential oil I purchased is great! Love that I can take the inhalers with me anywhere - and it doesn't look like anything nefarious like a cotton ball in a film container does. I gave two of the inhalers to a good friend and he really noticed the high quality of your products right away (he is very into aromas and making colognes/perfumes). I'm a saxophone teacher and player and I can definitely and very obviously feel my lungs open up and expand to their full potential after using one of the inhalers, especially with Breathe or Northwoods (and conversely I can now feel those same small pathways in my lungs close shut tight when I smell something foul). Great product. Every wind player and singer should have one of the Breathe Inhalers with them!

Name: Alex, California, UNITED STATES

Wow What a difference! The Un-Nausea aromatherapy inhaler has helped me so much on car rides and plane rides. I used to get sick so much but now I am fine during the rides. I feel much better about trips because I know I won't feel sick the whole time like I used to. I just have to sniff it a few times and I am good to go for the trip! Courtney, Age 12

Name: Courtney, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

Greetings! And I'd like to say how much I appreciate your level of service and courteousness! I can buy products at multiple locations close to me but I chose to wait and order from you because of your selection, product descriptions, previous experience with you, but most importantly, your sincerity and customer service!

Name: Bob S, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Absolutely fabulous diffuser - the best on the market! Love all the options for lights, time intervals, etc. Anyone who complains about this diffuser hasn't read the directions properly AND/OR they use junk EOs. Distilled water is perfect, and your Niaouli Melablend was in the package - I have respiratory issues and look forward to trying the Breathe Inhaler.  Plus great customer service, very fast shipping, and people who make their business very personal with a feeling of community spirit even over the internet and via email. Their EOs are clean and pure - no worries about gunking up your H2EO diffuser. This is aromatherapy with love. Thank you very very much! Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year!

Name: Lauren G, Virginia, UNITED STATES

My nephew has not had ANY breathing problems for quite some time--and upon recently visiting my brother, his breathing was crystal clear until evening, following a day on a wooded golf course (after which he had only minor congestion). Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make my family healthier, less burden bound.--Kristin, S. St. Paul

Name: Kristin, UNITED STATES

I received and have been diffusing now for three days. I am loving it - I can't believe how quiet it is. What a joy to learn about.

Name: Anne, California, UNITED STATES

I just received my order — first, thank you so much for a quick shipment and such high-quality products! I LOVE the essential oils and diffuser! The oils are top-notch. I am a chiropractor and nutritionist and have used essential oils for over 30 years, these are great, I can tell they are pure.

Name: Rona, California, UNITED STATES

Your Travel Trio inhalers just saved me on my flight back to Chicago. I got some sort of food poisoning, threw up before I got in the car for the airport. Had an inhaler with me all through security and all through my flight and I made it. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Name: Laura, Evanston IL, UNITED STATES

We are so happy to have these diffusers. They have totally improved our veterinary practice. We use them every day - in each room. The clients are always asking about them, too. Thank you again!

Name: Julie, DVM, Calgary, CANADA

I was clueless about the essential oil industry and the knowledge I have obtained from Plant Extracts International Inc has been life changing. I have discovered through personal experience the true concept of pure essential oils and there is no-lie a difference between Plant Extracts' essential oils and many other brands. I believe in the health benefits 110% and have been converted from using for the pleasant smell, to using for my health. It's amazing how much Niaouli Melablend, Rosalina Bluemel, and Eucalyptus have benefited me. I have beat my recurring pneumonia and without the use of antibiotics. I know results vary for everyone, but I can't express how happy I am to have found a company with true product quality and good customer service. I also am ecstatic that I have some natural means of treating minor sicknesses!

Name: Alexandra, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES

I've got to say, you guys and your customer service is next to NONE!!! I have 3 of your diffusers and have sent several clients/friends your way!!! What a stellar business!! Thank You!!

Name: Connie, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

The Un-Nausea inhaler has been such a blessing to me! I traveled all summer in high altitudes with ease for the first time in my life! I no longer am anxious about flying because I know I will not get sick. I would recommend this product to any and everyone! It has revolutionized travel for me!

Name: Elizabeth Shirley, UNITED STATES

MELABLEND.  I have had acne since I was a young girl. I’ve tried everything to get my acne to go away. I had been on antibiotics, used witch hazel, lotions, creams, everything to get my skin to clear up. Nothing seemed to work until I tried Melablend. Melablend has been a God-send for me. I wash with a facial cream that I’ve found that works for me and add a drop or two to the quarter size dollop I wash with, and then, after I’m done, I mix 3-4 drops of Melablend with an oil free moisturizer and it’s like magic. My skin has cleared up, and I feel better than ever. If I ever do get a pimple, I simply put a drop or two directly on the spot, and within a day or two it’s gone. Plus, it smells delicious. I don’t know what I would do without it! Not only does it work for acne, but it is a great healer for small, tertiary burns when I’m cooking. If you feel a burn, put a few drops onto the burn and let it soak in. No blisters and the pain disappears. Melablend is also good for staving off the common cold; a drop or two under my tongue and it starts to help with congestion and colds. Melablend is wonderful!! I wouldn’t go a day without it!

Name: Vanessa, Peace Corps, SOUTH AFRICA

Dad's story.  My Dad, Jim Kerber was a man who struggled with sinus issues all his life. At the age of 18, his allergies were so bad that the doctor did a “stripping of his sinuses”. You have to remember this was about 1940. In 2005 Dad was struggling with just being able to breathe through his nose so we went to his ENT doctor. The doctor was puzzled because he didn’t know what to do to help Dad. His only suggestion was nose surgery. Dad is now at the age of 82. He was not interested in surgery.

So one day I am at work telling my peers about my Dad’s situation. Enter Mary Ellen who is the expert in aromatherapy. She had a suggestion; she had just been introduced to Plant Extracts International. She thought that a diffuser with Niaouli Melablend would help. My Dad is willing to try anything that involves a gadget. So I took the diffuser and the oil out to him.

Needless to say, my Dad loved this machine. He kept it running all day long. The miracle is that it opened his sinuses and he could breathe again. It saved him from surgery which he didn’t believe would help. The diffuser was at my Dad’s bedside until the day he died and if he could have taken it with Niaouli Melablend in to the next life he would have.

Name: Kathy Kerber, UNITED STATES

I have personally used Plant Extracts products since they have been available on the market. In my experience, the purity and efficacy of these essential oils is unsurpassed by any other worldwide. I have recommended Melablend, Australian Blue Cypress and BlueMel in particular to countless people, and they consistently report back their significant therapeutic outcomes. The meticulous customer service and the willingness on the part of the owners of Plant Extracts to share their depth of knowledge on the subject of essential oils has also been invaluable to me.

Mary Ellen Kinney, Integrative Medicine Nurse Clinician and Certified Aromatherapist (Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN)

Name: Mary Ellen Kinney, UNITED STATES

My two year old boy loves to "turn on the mist" at bed-time, with the diffuser doubling as a night-light and an essential oil vaporiser when he has a cough or cold. I can imagine it being used for people with dementia in aged care facilities, both as a novelty light source and to help administer aromatherapy care. It would also make an attractive element at the reception desk of doctors' surgeries, helping control bacteria and viruses in the air.

E J Bowles, PhD. and author of "The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils"

Name: E. Joy Bowles, AUSTRALIA

I've known Bill McGilvray for several years now and consider him to be the most knowledgable person regarding indigenous Australian essential oils and their distillation that I have ever met. I find the Australian oils he distills to be the finest I have ever worked with and highly recommend them both in aromatherapy applications as well as for deep, soul-level work with essential oils.

Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D, M.H., H.M.C., founder of Spiritual PhytoEssencing

Name: Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, UNITED STATES

Fantastic diffuser - quiet, compact, efficient - lots of different modes to get exactly the diffusion you want with the added bonus of lights for fun and mood setting. Fantastic. One of the best on the market. Highly recommended.

Jane Buckle PhD RN. Director: RJ Buckle Associates

Name: Jane Buckle, UNITED KINGDOM

I recently ordered an H2EO diffuser for my mother because I love mine so much. I also ordered the Australian Lavender EO. I like to diffuse lavender or other EO to aid in sleep especially since I have mild asthma. I had just run out of lavender and before bedtime this evening I remembered that my order had arrived from your company. I opened the box to retrieve the Australian Lavender oil and to my SURPRISE you had included sample EO for both BlueMel and Rosalina - perfect for bedtime. So, I went to your website to view the descriptions for each and the photographs show people sleeping, so it's perfect for my needed use. THANKS to you, I will start ordering more EO. Great marketing to include these samples. I even think I may have viewed those specific EO and now I have them! If you have tracking software for your website that aids you in selecting suggested EO to send as samples - it WORKS! On top of everything you also sent a "Peace" inhaler. Bonus! The real benefit was finding your company and I will be telling others of your products and what a customer service orientated company you are and LOCAL here in Minnesota where I live.

Name: Lynne Fleming, UNITED STATES


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