"Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it." – Vladimir Nabokov


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I just love the massage oil products and so does everyone with whom I use them. They are fantastic products and I thank you so much for producing them.

Name: Janet, Aberdeen SD, UNITED STATES

I love my ultrasonic diffuser so much I bought another! Recently the new one I bought began making a buzzing sound and was directed by customer service to try to clean it. When that didn't work I sent it back and they repaired it without question. I have never been more impressed with a company's dedication to keep their products out of landfills! Amazing!


The Travel AethereoStick has been such a blessing to me! I traveled all summer in high altitudes with ease for the first time in my life! I no longer am anxious about flying. I would recommend this product to any and everyone! It has revolutionized travel for me!

Name: Elizabeth Shirley, UNITED STATES

I absolutely love the ultrasonic diffuser! What a fabulous product. The quality far surpasses other diffusers I have purchased in the past. I 100% recommend this product. Thank you :-)

Name: Kathleen Sander, UNITED STATES

Absolutely fabulous diffuser - the best on the market! Love all the options for lights, time intervals, etc. Anyone who complains about this diffuser hasn't read the directions properly AND/OR they use inferior EOs. Distilled water is perfect. Plus great customer service, very fast shipping, and people who make their business very personal with a feeling of community spirit even over the internet and via email. Their EOs are clean and pure - no worries about gunking up your H2EO diffuser. This is aromatherapy with love. Thank you very very much! 

Name: Lauren G, Virginia, UNITED STATES

I have personally used Plant Extracts products since they have been available on the market. In my experience, the purity and efficacy of these essential oils is unsurpassed by any other worldwide. I have recommended Melablend and BlueMel in particular to countless people. Their meticulous customer service has also been invaluable to me.

Integrative Medicine Nurse Clinician and Certified Aromatherapist

Name: Mary Ellen Kinney, UNITED STATES

I have experienced your diffusion blends and am so pleased with their elegant and subtle quality! I am an ultra-sensitive, and have not been able to handle the strength of the fragrance that comes out of most aromatherapy machines. This is wonderful! Thank you for allowing us to experience as well. Fabulous! – Arielle, Minnesota

Name: Arielle, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

The unique diffuser from Plant Extracts International Inc. is far above anything else that is on the market. Its effectiveness in micronizing the oils in the most proficient manner possible is cost effective, supports sustainability concerns of using fewer resources, and is most efficient in supporting optimal health, however you choose to use it.

The nearly soundless operation is wonderful for getting a great night's sleep and enhancing health with literally no effort or disruption. I highly recommend it and since I've gotten one, it is the only one I use - old models are obsolete, noisy and use far too much essential oil to be affordable or healthy for the planet.

Co-author of "Aromatherapy - A Complete Guide to the Healing Art" and founder of Green Scentsations.com

Name: Mindy Green, UNITED STATES

As a yoga instructor who teaches at my own studio as well as on the road, the H2EO diffuser has become an important part of what I bring to each class in order to maximize the environment and overall experience for my students. At my yoga studio, I use the diffuser all the time - I find that the presence of these blendsl in the air has a positive and restorative effect, and it really helps to create a strong identity for the space. People so often comment about how great the studio feels, and I believe that the diffused oils have a lot to do with that. When I'm teaching at venues around town, I always like to bring along my diffuser: it's a surefire way to transform any space into the calming, refreshing atmosphere that is so important to a great class session. I absolutely love my diffuser and PEI's essential oil blends!


I absolutely love your Rose Absolute. As part of my self-love care, I use it throughout my day. As a Rolfer I have my diffuser on constantly. For four years now, I have diffused your essential oils and blends. I truly go through a lot of your oils in a day's time. I typically use at least 6 drops or more in my diffuser as I love to infuse the space with these powerful frequencies. I tell all of my clients about PEI, and refer them to you. I also inform them that whatever oils you offer, they can be assured that they are top-notch, 5 star quality.

Briah Anson, Certified Advanced Rolfer and Frequencies of Brilliance Practitioner

Name: Briah Anson, UNITED STATES

I've known Plant Extracts International for several years now and consider them to be the most knowledgable regarding indigenous Australian essential oils and their distillation that I have ever met. Their Australian oils are the finest I have ever worked with and highly recommend them both in aromatherapy applications as well as for deep, soul-level work with essential oils.

N.M.D, M.H., H.M.C., founder of Spiritual PhytoEssencing

Name: Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, UNITED STATES

I have been a lover and user of essential oils for many years. While I found them incredibly effective, I was never very happy with the diffusers as they seemed to go through so much oil that it became cost prohibitive.

Since finding and using the Plant Extracts diffusers and oils, I have transformed my EO experience! Since getting my diffuser, it has not stopped running. By using water with the oils it not only makes the oils go further; it balances the air as well. Depending on the choice of oil I use, my room can smell like a tropical forest, a refreshing menthol healing session, or a sacred temple.

PEI provides the highest quality of Australian oils I have ever used. I am a lifetime customer! Thank you!!

Name: Cat Thompson, UNITED STATES

We are so happy to have these diffusers. They have totally improved our veterinary practice. We use them every day - in each room. The clients are always asking about them, too. Thank you again!

Name: Julie, DVM, Calgary, CANADA

I was clueless about the essential oil industry until I began using products from Plant Extracts International, and it has been life changing. I have discovered through personal experience the true concept of pure essential oils and there is absolutely a difference between Plant Extracts' essential oils and many other brands. I believe in the health benefits 110% and have been converted from using them for the pleasant smell, to also using them for my wellbeing. I know results vary for everyone, but I can't express how happy I am to have found a company with true product quality and good customer service. I also am ecstatic that I have a natural means of enhancing my wellness!

Name: Alexandra, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES

I had thoracic surgery, with concerns about my procedure and recovery process. WIth an H2EO diffuser, my room felt fresh and clean which gave me a sense of well-being and safety. The hospital staff loved coming into my room--it felt calming to all. I continue to use the oils every day--my body, mind and spirit love them!

Counselor and Spiritual Teacher

Name: Elizabeth Berardo, UNITED STATES

I absolutely LOVE my H2EO diffuser! Recommended by Mindy Green during an aromatherapy course, I finally got around to ordering one and I wish I had ordered it earlier. Plant Extracts was extremely helpful with the ordering process and sent my diffuser out right away - their customer service is top notch! I'll be ordering another H2EO diffuser for my mother now. I also ordered essential oils with my diffuser and they are all very high quality.


The diffuser is wonderful, easy to use and very efficient. I use one in my office and one at home. Love the oils, very unique and just lovely. Can only recommend all of the products.

Certified Colorpuncturist and Energy Emission Analyst

Name: Cornelia Elsaesser, UNITED STATES

I've got to say, you guys and your customer service is next to NONE!!! I have 3 of your diffusers and have sent several clients/friends your way!!! What a stellar business!! Thank You!!

Name: Connie, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

Your Travel Trio AethereoSticks just saved me on my flight back to Chicago. I got some sort of food poisoning, threw up before I got in the car for the airport. Had an AethereoStick with me all through security and all through my flight and I made it. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Name: Laura, Evanston IL, UNITED STATES

I so love your products! This is my second order. I go to sleep every night with your diffuser and essential oils. Wish I had found you years ago. Thanks so much for all you do!! Simply wonderful!! – Jan, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Name: Jan, Highlands Ranch, Col, UNITED STATES



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