"Man's eyes are his pathway. The nose is his understanding." Hildegard von Bingen   

Diffuse essential oils day and night. Heighten your sense of well-being and enhance your environment, as you enjoy a healing dose of Nature.

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AS 6 June 21.jpgAethereoSticks are a simple, portable, economical and effective way to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils - wherever you are. Providing single-person exposure, they offer the ultimate in personal, private diffusion. Long-lasting and safe for all ages, AethereoSticks are enjoyed by people at home, at work or school, and while traveling. AethereoSticks are widely used in hospitals for adjunctive symptom managment and general well-being. 

WHAT IS IN AN AETHEREOSTICK? AethereoSticks are available in a wide range of undiluted essential oils and scientifically formulated essential oil blends. These precious plant materials can help with symptom relief and help to create a healing environment, which supports our natural abilities to balance, restore, and maintain overall wellness.

Patient holding AethereoStick Clip.jpgHOW DO YOU USE AN AETHEREOSTICK? Unscrew the outer cap. Hold the AethereoStick a few inches from your nose and take three or four slow, deep breaths. Enjoy. Repeat as desired. Capped until used, the essential oil is inhaled from within a few inches, so very little aroma is lost to the atmosphere. 

HOW LONG WILL AN AETHEREOSTICK LAST?  AethereoSticks are given a nominal one year expiry date when sealed and unopened. When unsealed, opened, and in use, trials indicate that a product life of about three months can be expected, depending upon frequency of use. Due to variations in aroma intensity, some will be effective for much longer than three months, and some for less. The variables to which the product may be exposed after opening will influence the length of time the essential oil in the AethereoStick remains available.

AethereoStick Clip components.jpgAethereoStick Clip on fold of gown.jpgBUILT-IN CLIP FOR OPTIONAL HANDS-FREE USE At the request of our health care customers, our redesign of the inner cylinder incorporates a patent-pending built-in clip for hands-free use. Simply remove the outer cap and slide the clip onto clothing or gown. Perfect for when the user is unable to hold the Aethereostick - including peri-op, sedation, infusion, memory care, hospice and palliative care. Or use it in hand, removing the outer cap and holding the inner cylinder a few inches from your nose. 

INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED IN TAMPER-EVIDENT, RECLOSEABLE ZIP TOP BAGS. A printed insert gives both nurse and patient information about the particular essential oil or blend in each AethereoStick, as well as instructions for use - both hand-held and hands-free using the clip, and space for patient label or name. This reuseable, recyclable bag gives the patient a place to keep the AethereoStick when not in use, eliminating the possibility of it rolling off the hospital bed tabletop.



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A reliable, versatile tool for diffusing essential oils in smaller scale and “on the go”environments. Light and compact (less than 4 ounces, 3.5” in diameter, and 2.5” high) and can be powered anywhere with USB options.

Aethereo Everywhere utilizes a small fan to diffuse the essential oil into the environment. It is ideal for small spaces: cars, hotel rooms, small bedrooms, practitioners’ rooms, or travel for in-home treatment sessions. It will be most effective within an eight to ten foot radius. 

USB CABLE AND WALL ADAPTER ARE NOW INCLUDED (car adapter and additional USB cables and wall adapters also available). Runs best on USB power to a wall outlet, car, or computer. It can also run anywhere using 2 AA batteries, as it was designed for hospital use where access to wall outlets is restricted. NOTE: Remove the batteries when you are not using them (the diffuser circuitry is designed to protect the batteries when the USB cable is plugged in; running on USB power will not charge the batteries). One-piece design means no parts to misplace or lose. Both covers (top for the essential oil well, and bottom for the battery compartment) slide sideways to open and close. The green power light can be turned off while diffusing in complete darkness for sleep. The Aroma Pad rests on a removable stainless steel buffer ring, which helps prevent essential oil carry-over when changing from one oil to another.

Every Aethereo Everywhere Diffuser includes your choice of a complimentary 7.5 ml bottle of essential oil, and free USPS Priority Mail shipping within the 50 states.



Due to global conditions around trade wars and coronavirus, we are no longer able to offer H2EO Diffusers for sale. Regardless, we stand behind every H2EO Diffuser that we have sold, with a full 12 month warranty, and fast, friendly, economical warranty and non-warranty service. Thank you for being our customer, and we hope our relationship will continue. 



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