MANUFACTURERS OF INNOVATIVE HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS utilizing Aethereo® essential oils and blends, AethereoStick essential oil inhalers, Aethereo massage oils, Rain Bath mineral salts, H2EO® and Aethereo Everywhere diffusers for essential oils.


In seeking the best essential oils, you will encounter a wide range of prices and variations in quality. Our companies have invested decades into the research and development of essential oils. We offer the highest possible level of knowledge and experience based on work and success in every facet of the international essential oil industry. Our technical expertise and service offerings include analyses by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, as well as a full range of physical analyses in our Australian company's laboratories.

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Aethereo essential oils are planted, grown, and harvested in sound, sustainable environmental conditions, either in plantations as a renewable resource, or from natural stands grown under ecological management on private lands. Aethereo essential oils are produced using exacting distillation methods, with meticulous attention to all phases of production, processing, and packaging, which results in a dependable, consistent top quality product.

Our native Australian essential oils come to us direct from our sister company, The Australian Essential Oil Company (AEOC) in New South Wales. AEOC has produced and distributed the finest Australian essential oils throughout the world since 1987. With a strong and dedicated group of growers who produce with our partnership, we set and maintain the highest standards of purity and ecological sustainability. Our Australian oils produced and packaged by AEOC are processed according to the strict requirements of organic certification. There are no middlemen or brokers in our supply line, allowing us to manage and guarantee the entire process from field to bottle.



For global bulk-export essential oils, please contact THE AUSTRALIAN ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY  www.



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ESSENTIAL OIL INSECT REPELLENT Developed and field-tested in the North Woods of Minnesota and on the Appalachian Trail.

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Essential Oil Therapy AethereoSticks: The most efficient way to enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits wherever you are!

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Aethereo EVERYWHERE TRAVEL DIFFUSER Now includes USB Cable and Wall Adapter!

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