As innovative health care product manufacturers, we express our deep appreciation for healthcare workers and frontline workers everywhere. We thank each of you.

Clinical aromatherapy is the expert, measured use of essential oils for symptom relief. Skillfully managed, these precious plant materials help to create a healing environment, which supports our natural abilities to balance, restore, and maintain overall wellness.  

Patient holding AethereoStick Clip.jpgAethereo® essential oils and extracts are valued for their purity, consistent quality, fair pricing, and ecological responsibility.

We are FDA-inspected manufacturers of innovative, effective, trusted science-based products which are widely used in hospitals to enhance compassionate care. Our range includes Aethereo essential oils and blends, AethereoStick essential oil inhalers, Aethereo massage oils, Rain Bath mineral salts, Aethereo multi-purpose mask & room sprays, and Aethereo Everywhere essential oil diffusers.

Essential oils are complex ensembles that plants have evolved for their own purposes. Our blends are formulated, after extensive research, to emphasize particular characteristics and properties of these precious plant products. People, as well as their pets, have differing respiratory wants and needs, and our aromatic variations are intended to appeal to different preferences.

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Our international reputation for knowledge and products is founded upon over three decades of work in the research and development of essential oils.

We offer technical expertise and quality assurance, driven by process control and state-of-the-art-analysis.

Aethereo formulations support the right use of essential oils to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, heal, and maintain wellness.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLE is that less is more when using these precious plant materials.


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