"Animals aren't less intelligent than humans, they're just of a different intelligence.  We have five million smell-sensitive cells in our nose, they have two hundred and fifty million - they can smell emotion.  They can smell different types of emotion, they just have another type of intelligence." – Mike Mills


H2EO® Ultrasonic Diffuser Accessories

The stories we have heard...Dogs chewing the adapter chord, grandchildren running off with the director nozzle, the diffuser lid stepped on, moving to Europe and needing an EU power adapter...no worries! Replacement parts are available here.

Diffuser Power Adapter - $14.50  Switch-Mode Power Adapter for H2EO Diffusers (110 to 240V). U.S. parallel pins for use in North America, South America and Japan.

E.U. Diffuser Power Adapter - $14.50  Switch-Mode Power Adapter for H2EO Diffusers (110 to 240V). E.U. round pins for use in Europe and Israel.

Diffuser Lid - $9.00  Replacement Lid for H2EO Diffusers (does not include director nozzle).

Diffuser Director Nozzles - $7.00 for 2  2-Pack of Replacement Director Nozzles for H2EO Diffusers.


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Travel Easy with the TRAVEL TRIO INHALER SET

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