"Animals aren't less intelligent than humans, they're just of a different intelligence. We have five million smell-sensitive cells in our nose, they have two hundred and fifty million - they can smell emotion. They can smell different types of emotion, they just have another type of intelligence." – Mike Mills 

Thoughtful, Comforting Essential Oil Gifts!

All 4 Gift Packs Photo.jpgBuy Now Online: ESSENTIAL OIL GIFT PACKS  -  BREATHE, CALM, HAPPY, or LAVENDER. Comforting and pampering, boxed and ready for you to wrap, or we can gift wrap and send for you. GIFT PACKS with an Aethereo Everywhere Fan Diffuser: $79.50 each; GIFT PACKS without the Diffuser: $39.50 each. 

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Buy Now Online: AETHEREOSTICK SETS  Enjoy essential oil therapy wherever you are. Sets include SIX BLENDS, TRAVEL TRIO, and FIVE ELEMENTS -- or choose your own favorites. Widely used in hospitals for specific and general well-being. Long-lasting and safe for all ages, AethereoSticks offer the ultinmate in personal, private diffusion.

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Buy Now Online: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARDS in Pressed Plants Artwork, blank inside. Printed on 100 lb cover stock, scored, with 80 lb self-sealing, square flap premium envelopes. $3.00 each or a pack of 10 for $24.00.


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Buy Now Online: AETHEREO MULTI-PURPOSE MASK & ROOM SPRAYS  Aethereo Multi-Purpose Sprays offer a range of ethanol-free products to freshen masks and enhance interior environments. Spray freely and enjoy as a natural room spray or body spray. Perfect for oshibori, or spray directly to freshen clothing, bedding, and towels. Just $19.95, our 5 ml SAMPLER SET makes a comforting, refreshing gift!


PEI-BS-0230-Lavender Boxed Set.jpgBuy Now Online: BATH SALTS  Rain Bath Mineral Salts offer a luxurious bath or footsoak, with soothing aromas and skin-softening benefits. Adding quality, water-soluble, pulverized mineral salts to your bath is said to improve cleansing by softening the water, allowing less use of soap. Soap removes skin oils, so less is better for one’s skin. Carefully formulated with the finest quality selected salts of sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Enhanced with pure Aethereo essential oils, they further heighten the bathing experience through healthful olfactory enjoyment. Widely used in hospitals, and safe for all ages. 

MO 3 2 oz.jpgBuy Now Online: AETHEREO MASSAGE OILS  Try Aethereo Massage Oils, loved for their skin-feel, stability, and purity -- widely used in hospitals and safe for all ages. Aethereo Massage Oils contain only pure essential oils in a Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) base. These highly stable formulations will not oxidize with normal use. Aethereo Massage Oils offer pure, clean aromas unhindered by extraneous smells often found in other carrier oils. Their superior ‘glide’ means less is used during each massage. Choose from 18 different aromatic essential oils and blends, for traditional massage or self-massage on hands or feet.

Accessories for the Aethereo Everywhere Fan Diffuser

Fan Diffuser Product Box.jpgBuy Now Online: Compressed-Paper Aroma Pads - $3.00 for 10 Pack of 10 traditional, high-density, compressed-paper aroma pads. 

Buy Now Online: Micro USB Cable - $4.20

Buy Now Online: 110V AC/5V DC Wall Adapter - $9.95

Buy Now Online: 12V DC/5V DC Car Adapter - $9.75

Buy Now Online: Buffer Ring - $0.95 Stainless steel Buffer Ring replacment

Replacement Accessories and Parts for H2EO® Ultrasonic Diffusers

You can use either the H2EO U.S. Power Adapter or the H2EO E.U. Power Adapter in any country, by using the proper pin adapter for that country's outlet configuration.

Buy Now Online: U.S. Diffuser Power Adapter - $14.50 Switch-Mode Power Adapter for H2EO Diffusers (110 to 240 V). U.S. parallel pins for use in North America, South America and Japan.

Buy Now Online: E.U. Diffuser Power Adapter - $14.50 Switch-Mode Power Adapter for H2EO Diffusers (110 to 240 V). E.U. round pins for use in Europe and Israel.

Clear Lid 2018.jpgBuy Now Online: Standard Diffuser Lid - $9.00 Acrylic Replacement Lid for H2EO Diffusers (does not include Director Nozzle)

Buy Now Online: Standard Diffuser Director Nozzles - $7.00 for 2  2-Pack of Acrylic Replacement Director Nozzles for H2EO Diffusers.

Buy Now Online: Standard Diffuser Lid and Two Director Nozzles - $15.00 Acrylic Replacement Lid and package of two Director Nozzles.

NEW: H2EO Moonglow Lid and Director Nozzles offer an alternative to the standard H2EO Acrylic Lid and Director Nozzles. The Moonglow is manufactured from nylon. Its translucency gives a more subdued display lights effect, which some prefer. The functional benefit of the nylon material is its strength and durability, and resistance to erosion from certain essential oils and essential oil blend combinations (clove, cinnamon, and lemongrass, for example). If you are regularly replacing your Acrylic Lid and Director Nozzles, you may want to try the Nylon Moonglow.

Moon Glow Lid 2018.JPGBuy Now Online: Moonglow Diffuser Lid - $9.00  Nylon Replacement Lid for H2EO Diffusers (does not include Director Nozzle).

Buy Now Online: Moonglow Diffuser Director Nozzles - $7.00 for 2  2-Pack of Nylon Replacement Director Nozzles for H2EO Diffusers.

Buy Now Online: Moonglow Diffuser Lid and Two Director Nozzles - $15.00  Nylon Replacement Lid and package of two Director Nozzles.



Under $50 Flat Rate $8.50

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