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AETHEREO EVERYWHERE Personal, Portable Fan Diffuser for Essential Oils

THE FINEST IN PORTABLE, PERSONAL DIFFUSION FOR WORK, HOME, AND TRAVEL. Aethereo Everywhere utilizes a small fan to diffuse the essential oil into the environment. Ideal for small spaces - cars, hotel rooms, small bedrooms, practitioners' rooms, or travel to in-home treatment sessions. Will be most effective within an 8 to 10 foot radius. Its advanced engineering and design offer important features previously lacking in portable fan diffusers, taking its place as a reliable, versatile, serious tool for diffusing essential oils in smaller scale and "on the go" environments. * Light and compact. * Just 3.5" in diameter and 3.5" in height. * Weighs less than 4 ounces. * Take it with you in its original box in a tote or small carry-on. * Runs best on USB power, and can also run anywhere using 2 AA batteries, as it was designed for hospital use where access to wall outlets is restricted. * One-piece design means no parts to misplace or lose. Both covers (top for the essential oil well, and bottom for the battery compartment) slide sideways to open and close. * The green power light can be turned off for diffusing during sleep. * INCLUDES USB CABLE, WALL ADAPTER, 10 AETHEREO COMPRESSED-PAPER AROMA PADS, AND YOUR CHOICE OF A 7.5 ml ESSENTIAL OIL.

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SAVE $7 OFF THE PRICE OF THE REGULAR H2EO BLUE LIGHTS MODEL. The only difference is that the red power light and green indicator bar light do not shut off. H2EO AIRCARE ULTRASONIC DIFFUSERS OFFER THE ULTIMATE IN SAFE, EFFICIENT, COMPLETE DIFFUSION OF ESSENTIAL OILS INTO A MEDIUM TO LARGE ROOM. They use safe, low voltage direct current to harness the science of ultrasound. Subject to factors including air turnover and humidity, 1500 to 2200 cubic feet can be effectively covered. Using the water in the bowl of the diffuser as the "carrier" for the essential oil, each nano-droplet of water is covered with a molecule-thin coating of essential oil, which rapidly becomes part of the room's atmosphere. * An H2EO diffuser weighs less than one pound and measures approximately 4" high and 7" in diameter. * Energy-efficient switch-mode power adapter included. * Blue display lights set the mood. * Display lights can be turned off for sleep while diffusion continues at the volume level you have chosen. * Depending upon mode and volume settings chosen, you can generally diffuse through the night without replenishing. * When the water level gets low, the diffuser shuts itself off. * Backed by a full one-year warranty, and friendly, personal, after-sale service and accessories. * H2EO's Econo-Blue Lights Diffuser has blue display lights which can be turned off for sleep (while still diffusing); however, the red power light and one green bar indicator light will not shut off.

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