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OUT OF STOCK H2EO Ultrasonic Diffuser

H2EO offers you the most efficient, economical, and satisfying experience attainable from the diffusion of fine essential oils. H2EO is the only diffuser designed, tested, and backed by full warranty and service in the USA.

DESIGN UPGRADES INCLUDE: the ability to select your favorite display lights colors from a full spectrum of options; re-engineered to diffuse until little or no water remains in the bowl before automatically shutting off; recalibrated settings offer greater differentiation between Low, Medium, and High mist volume output; and a contemporary two-toned metallic silver exterior in-tune with current color trends in home and office environments.

USING SAFE, LOW VOLTAGE DIRECT CURRENT AND THE LATEST IN ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY, the water in the bowl of the Diffuser acts as the “carrier” for the essential oil. Each nano-droplet of water that leaves the bowl as mist is covered with a molecular-thin coating of the essential oil, which rapidly becomes part of your room’s atmosphere. Depending on the mist volume and mode setting you choose, a single fill can last for up to eight hours or more. For peaceful sleep, all lights can be turned off while diffusion continues.

SUBJECT TO FACTORS INCLUDING AIR TURNOVER AND HUMIDITY, 1500 TO 2200 CUBIC FEET CAN BE EFFECTIVELY COVERED. Light and compact, and H2EO Diffuser weighs less than one pound and is approximately 4" high and 7" in diameter. The energy-efficient switch-mode power adapter included weighs less than 5 ounces.

THERE ARE VERY FEW SERVICE NEEDS WITH H2EO DIFFUSERS WHEN THEY ARE PROPERLY CARED FOR. If you experience a problem try the troubleshooting tips by downloading the User Handbook at www.plantextractsinc.com/manuals.php or at www.plantextractsinc.com/sales_service.php. Used as intended, H2EO Diffusers are always repairable, and need never end up in a landfill.


Includes your choice of a complimentary 7.5 ml bottle of essential oil, and free USPS Priority Mail shipping within the 50 states.

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AETHEREO EVERYWHERE Personal, Portable Fan Diffuser for Essential Oils

PORTABLE, PERSONAL DIFFUSION FOR WORK, HOME, AND TRAVEL. Aethereo Everywhere utilizes a small fan to diffuse the essential oil into the environment. Ideal for small spaces - cars, hotel rooms, small bedrooms, practitioners' rooms, or travel to in-home treatment sessions. Will be most effective within an 8 to 10 foot radius. A reliable, versatile tool for diffusing essential oils in smaller scale and "on the go" environments. * Light and compact. * Just 3.5" in diameter and 3.5" in height. * Weighs less than 4 ounces. * Take it with you in its original box in a tote or small carry-on. * Runs best on USB power. Designed for hospital use where access to wall outlets is restricted, it can also operate anywhere using 2 AA batteries. * One-piece design means no parts to misplace or lose. Both covers (top for the essential oil well, and bottom for the battery compartment) slide sideways to open and close. * The green power light can be turned off for diffusing during sleep. * INCLUDES USB CABLE, WALL ADAPTER, 10 AETHEREO COMPRESSED-PAPER AROMA PADS, AND YOUR CHOICE OF A 7.5 ml ESSENTIAL OIL.

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Aromatherapy To Go with the TRAVEL TRIO - Just $17.75

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Aethereo EVERYWHERE TRAVEL DIFFUSER Now includes USB Cable and Wall Adapter!

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Essential Oil Therapy AethereoSticks: The most efficient way to enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits wherever you are!

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