"Man's eyes are his pathway. The nose is his understanding." Hildegard von Bingen   

If you enjoy essential oils, you'll love our DIFFUSION OPTIONS for home, work, and travel.

PEI-INH-6889-SET OF SIX (VetiRose).jpgPerfect for pocket or purse...carry Essential Oil Therapy AETHEREO®STICKS with you and enjoy their aromatherapeutic benefits wherever you are. Capped until they are used, the essential oil is inhaled from within a few inches, so very little aroma is lost to the atmosphere. The essential oil in the AethereoStick can be enjoyed for several months. 

Both users and caregivers appreciate the empowerment that gives control over when, for how long, and how frequently they wish to use the AethereoStick. * One can easily alternate, or switch among different AethereoSticks for various needs, for example, from Un-Nausea to Calm. * As AethereoSticks are kept capped except when in active use, they benefit only the user, allowing them to be used discreetly anywhere. To use, unscrew the top and hold three or four inches from your nose. Breathe in slowly. Repeat as desired. Close tightly after use and store at room temperatureAvailable with 26 different essential oils and blends, formulated for specific and general well-being.  

PEI-DIFFUSERS-6993-Blue+Multi.jpgH2EO® AirCare ULTRASONIC DIFFUSERS are by far the most efficient way to diffuse essential oils into a medium to large room. Their features and benefits offer the ultimate in safe, efficient, complete diffusion of essential oils. Subject to factors including airflow and humidity, H2EO Diffusers are effective in an area up to 1500 to 2200 cubic feet. Using the water in the bowl of the diffuser as the “carrier” for the essential oil, each nano-droplet of water is covered with a molecule-thin coating of the essential oil, which rapidly becomes part of the room’s atmosphere.

An H2EO® diffuser weighs less than one pound and is approximately 4" high and 7" in diameter. The compact, energy Assembled in the USA-Sticker for Web.jpgefficient switch-mode power adapter included weighs less than 5 ounces. * Colored display lights options set the mood. * For peaceful sleep, all lights, including the red power light, can be turned off while diffusion continues. * Superior to other diffusers and glass nebulizers, they are temperature controlled, and avoid high heat which can seriously damage the chemistry of essential oils. * They run quietly with safe, low-voltage direct current through a lightweight, compact, energy efficient switch-mode power adapter (adapter included) to safely, completely, and economically diffuse any pure essential oils into your room’s atmosphere. * Choose between continuous or four intermittent timed settings, and low, medium or high volume for optimal control. * Depending on the room size, relative humidity, timer and volume settings you choose, a single fill can last through the night. * When the water level gets low, the diffuser shuts itself off.

H2EO® Diffusers carry a 12-month full warranty.  We stock the complete inventory of components and accessories. * Our services are fast, low-cost, and dependable. * We work together with our customers to troubleshoot and perform any repairs that may be necessary. * When a diffuser comes to us for service, whether it is service covered by warranty, or non-warranty service for a user-related problem, we automatically renew the one-year full warranty as of the date of repair. That should help you feel confident that your investment in your H2EO diffuser is a good one. * We work hard to keep our customers happily diffusing, and to keep their diffusers out of landfills. CLICK HERE FOR H2EO PDF

9609 New.jpgINTRODUCING AETHEREO® EVERYWHERE FAN DIFFUSERS, the latest in portable, personal diffusion. A reliable, versatile, serious tool for diffusing essential oils in smaller scale and “on the go” environments. Advanced engineering and design offer important features previously lacking in portable fan diffusers. * Aethereo Everywhere utilizes a small fan to diffuse the essential oil into the environment in which it is being used. * Ideal for small spaces: cars, hotel rooms, small bedrooms, practitioners’ rooms, or travel for in-home treatment sessions. * Will be most effective within an eight to ten foot radius.

Light, compact, weighs less than 4 ounces, is 3.5” in diameter and 2.5” in height. Take it in its original box in a tote or small carry-on. * Runs for 8-12 hours on two AA batteries, or it can be powered anywhere from a micro-USB cable that you use for your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. (USB cable, wall adapter, and car adapter sold separately) * Take the batteries out when you are not using them as the diffuser circuitry is designed to protect the batteries when the USB cable is plugged in. Running on USB power will not charge the batteries. * One-piece design means no parts to misplace or lose. * Both covers (the top for the essential oil well, and the bottom for the battery compartment) slide sideways to open and close. * The green power light can be turned off while diffusing in complete darkness for sleep.

The type of essential oil pad used with Aethereo® Everywhere will have a significant effect on the release of aroma. The conventional closed-cell compressed-paper pads are not particularly efficient, and will only release part of the essential oil that has been applied. However, they are inexpensive, and if the same essential oil is used, they can be reused for a limited time. Aethereo’s exclusive open-cell porous polyethylene AromaDisc will release virtually all of the essential oil within several hours. Not only is it much more efficient, it can be washed, dried, and reused many times. The material in the AromaDisc is impervious to essential oils, and contains no plasticizers. The AromaDisc pad rests on a removable (for cleaning) stainless steel buffer ring, which helps prevent essential oil carry-over when changing from one oil to another. CLICK HERE FOR AETHEREO EVERYWHERE PDF

To order H2EO Ultrasonic Diffusers WITHIN Australia, please contact The Australian Essential Oil Company at (61+2) 6683 2124, or visit www.australessence.com



Essential Oil Therapy Aethereo®Sticks: The most efficient way to enjoy essential oils

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H2EO® ULTRASONIC DIFFUSERS: The ultimate in safe, efficient, complete diffusion of essential oils into a medium to large roo

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Aethereo® EVERYWHERE FAN DIFFUSER: The latest in portable, personal diffusion for work, home, and travel

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