"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." - Alfred Austin

Let the plants be your guides in the RIGHT USE OF ESSENTIAL OILS.

lemon_myrtle.jpgEssential oils in nature are used by the plants for very specific purposes, at very low levels, in very focused ways. By enzymatic and other biochemical means, plants are able to utilize the stored energy which we see and smell as essential oils. Often, the plant may draw upon one or a few of the array of individual chemicals to accomplish a particular task: repel a predator, aid in the healing of an injury, respond to stress, attract a pollinator, and so on.

white_cypress.jpgWhen we distill parts of a plant, and ascribe particular properties or uses to the essential oil, we are using this precious concentrate, not in the subtle way in which the plant does, but simply in the most accessible form.

Only in recent years have scientists begun to examine and understand the properties of single chemical entities within the mix that we call an essential oil, and ascribe to these chemicals very specific roles as they pertain to the original plant and its well-being.

Now the examination of these materials is leading to exciting possibilities for use in human wellness lemon scented tea tree.jpgapplications. Dramatic results are being found in some cases at levels in the nanomolar range - that is, in amounts which approximate the levels at which the same chemicals are used by the plants themselves!

We fervently hope that we will see less flagrant over-use of precious plant oils, and more reasoned application as natural adjuncts to conventional therapies, as we strive to conserve our resources and put them to the most appropriate uses, for example - diffusion and inhalation at low levels.

ABC Trees for web cropped.jpgTHE ENVIRONMENT.  As distributors of pure natural plant oils and manufacturers of the means to safely and efficaciously use them, we recognize that our organization has both a direct and indirect impact on the environment. We believe that active management of these areas is a fundamental aspect of sound business practice. A core principle of our ‘Right Use of Essential Oils’ is that less is more. Use of the least amount of essential oil to accomplish a particular wellness objective benefits not only the recipient, but just as importantly, our environment.

Let's look at simple things that can be done in our immediate environment to make a positive difference to the way in which we live and interact with our planet. For example, when using essential oils mixed with a carrier oil for massage, use the least amount possible to enable comfortable massage. Any excess ends up being flushed down the drain after bathing or washing towels and clothing, and has an environmental impact. Consider making that impact as small as possible. 

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