“The quickest way to change a mood state — quicker than with any other sensual modality — is with smell.” – Alan R. Hirsch, MD, Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation

If you enjoy essential oils, you'll love our products and formulations based on science, research, and safe use. 

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 Aethereo essential oils and extracts are produced with the highest standards of purity and ecological responsibility.

• Our international reputation for knowledge and products is founded upon decades of work in the research and development of essential oils.

• Our Australian sister company has produced and marketed the finest essential oils globally for 30 years.

• Aethereo formulations support the right use of essential oils to assist the body's natural ability to balance, heal, and maintain wellness.

• Our guiding principle: LESS IS MORE when using these precious plant oils.

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Please understand that as a manufacturer of natural products, our company maintains compliance with FDA regulations, and therefore cannot dispense any information that might reference a medical condition or constitute medical advice.






NORTHWOODS AethereoStick and 7.5 ml Essential Oil Blend

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Respir-Ease AethereoStick and 7.5 ml Essential Oil Blend

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Aethereo EVERYWHERE TRAVEL DIFFUSER Now includes USB Cable and Wall Adapter!

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Popular, Convenient, and Effective! Essential Oil Therapy To Go with the TRAVEL TRIO

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Essential Oil Therapy AethereoSticks: The most efficient way to enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits wherever you are!

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